After completing her degree in journalism from the American University in Bulgaria in 2006, Anush Babajanyan began working as an independent contractor for the BBC Monitoring Service in Yerevan, Armenia. Anush photographed at the same time, running a photojournalism blog for Transitions Online magazine.

Anush moved to Gyumri, Armenia in 2009, to photograph poor housing conditions in a town scarred by an Earthquake that took place 25 years ago. She photographed the houses together with a local non-profit, which then published a photo book and distributed it among government officials and decision makers, bringing to light the visual side of a lasting issue. Anush received a award for her photography in Gyumri.

Much of Anush Babajanyan’s activity in the recent years has been dedicated to the Turkey-Armenia peace building process. Anush has photographed and taken part in several cross-border projects and exhibitions that involved collaboration between photographers from Turkey and Armenia. She has worked with the Hrant Dink Foundation as one of the coordinators of its Beyond Borders program.

Anush received a production grant from the Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project in 2013, to photograph Armenian women’s labor migration to Turkey, which she currently continues to work on.

Anush is one of the founders of 4Plus, a non for profit cooperative that aims at empowering women through photography.


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