The nonessential archive

It is possible that these photos of statues are a statement about those who don’t know. But that statement would mean staring into emptiness. And that is surely not what I do when I look at a statue I’m about to photograph.

I look for a comparison and I think of clothes in a second hand shop. These objects have accumulated history upon themselves, and it shows. Because this accumulation is certainly physical. And throughout this process, the ideas and also what these statues used to stand for, have changed.

What am I told by a heroic statue of three, whose faces are blown away by time alone. A silent story of neglect they’ve had to bear.

So selfless and kind, a mannequin in a white robe. Made to represent a small girl, what she does represent is a chain of unlikable stores.

A couple, their thoughts somewhere deeper that the cup of coffee they are there for.

Moved and unmoved, these are stories of past within my present, an exploration of stillness that ends with movement.